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Video Poker Online

Although the basis for all video poker is just poker, the game is usually more like a variation of the traditional slot machine. However, many people find it much more fun to get different poker hands rather than to line up different symbols. Also, many times the odds are better in video poker than in regular "slots". Below you will find all the information you need to play video poker online. At CasinoTopLists you will find the best online casinos to play on. Believe it or not, video poker machines even existed before the invention of the slot machine. In 1891, in Brooklyn New York, the company "Sittman and Pitt" developed a slot machine that consisted of cylinders marked with card symbols. The players then pulled in a lever that caused random poker hands to come up, which then determined the prices. This machine may even have been an inspiration for the modern slot game.

In the 1970s, video poker games began to emerge as we know them today. The first game was developed by Dale Electronics' 1970 and was renamed Poker-Matic. At first, people were skeptical of the electronic mechanism, but as people began to become accustomed to digital devices of various kinds, the game's popularity grew. During the 1980s video poker games were found in almost every casino and wild card games were invented, such as Deuces Wild and Joker Poker, which made video poker even more popular. These machines made it possible to enjoy the excitement of poker without having to compete against other players. Video poker was a great success and a good source of income for the casinos. Here you simply get the basics of how video poker is played, from the bet to the game itself. However, we do not go into the rule details for any individual video poker variant.

There are a variety of video poker variants available online. Everyone has their small differences in rules, odds and payouts, but basically all video poker works the same way - the player tries to maximize his winnings by playing the cards he or she is assigned as smartly as possible. In video poker you do not play against anyone, but the goal is to create as strong a hand as possible. The better hand you get, the bigger the gain. The online video poker offering is, as I said, huge and it is important to find a game you feel comfortable with. For starters, it might be a good idea to play one of the classics - why not Jack or Better or Deuces Wild. As always, the house has a built-in advantage, but you can actually find video poker machines with really good odds. However, this applies mainly to "real" live casinos where some slot machines may be incorrectly programmed. On the web everything is carefully checked and there are rarely such gaps. Whatever game you choose, you can learn the rules in minutes, more complicated than it is.