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Playtech Casinos

Playtech is one of the best casino game software we can find worldwide. This is a fact. It is also one of the companies that has been in the business for the longest time, which speaks of the great experience they have accumulated throughout all these years. And of course, it has given them time to launch an exaggerated multitude of games that they have been distributing throughout all these years in the best online casinos. It is said that the total number is around 500 titles, a real barbarity, and above improving quality continuously. This implies that, always, the new game is better than the previous one, since they do not stop developing a new technique every time the game experience improves a little more.

Slot machine

Perhaps the best known of Playtech, as of the vast majority of softwares that are dedicated to producing games for casinos, are the slots. These allow to innovate in each game, with different graphics, different sounds, different music, different themes, etc ... And the truth is that Playtech has been one of the most innovated in recent years.In fact, they have more than 250 slots different, all of them with the innovative seal of Playtech. Incredible free spins, quite original bonus rounds and, of course, many progressive slots of all kinds of themes that offer users the chance to win significant amounts of money in a moment.

Card games

As for the card games that we have available on Playtech, it must be said that these are also of exquisite quality. Of course, unlike with the slots, the variety shines by its absence. It is true that there are games of all kinds, but only one stands out from the rest, and with a lot of difference. And it is blackjack. In fact, Playtech has up to 17 different games of this card game. Even some of these games have a boat, which is not very normal in this type of games either.

Therefore, although we have commented that the variety in card games is very poor, it is true that Blackjack is a different world. Thus, in Playtech we have the Pontoon, the Blackjack Switch, the Surrender Blackjack, the Double Attack and the Progressive Blackjack. That is, we are not going to get bored at any time if we like Blackjack.


Most softwares usually offer the three classic varieties of Roulette, that is, the European, the French and the American. But, as with slot machines, Playtech loves to offer many varieties to its users. In this case, Playtech offers variants such as 3D Roulette, NewAR Roulette, Mini Roulette, Multi Wheel, Club and, how could it be otherwise in Playtech, also Marvel Roulette. What's more, we have up to 20 different variants of Roulette and, of course, several tables with real dealer, which we will discuss in the Live Casino.

However, as in the slots, the highlight, or the most original, is the Marvel Roulette. This is not a normal Roulette, as you will suppose. This Marvel Roulette has an additional square called Marvel Bonus and, if the player has bet on it, and the ball falls on it, an automatic round of the Marvel Bonus is activated, which is played on a three-drum slot that, like It could not be otherwise, they have the symbols of the Marvel characters. And if we win, we are guaranteed a win that adds 100 times the amount bet.