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600 bonus
30 + 20 spins
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30 + 20 spins

Multi-Line Slots

Types of slot machines: There are many different types of slots that you can play in land based casinos and online casinos. New slots appear again and again (on a weekly basis) and you should know what these slots are and which ones you like best.

The previous article, the Slots Glossary, already describes all the basic terms and names for everything related to slot machines. Slots are very easy to play, but we aim to show you the different types of slot machines - from the classic slot machines to the modern and popular slots that are being developed today. Look at the table below:

3-reel slots

3-reel slots are the classic games that are modeled on the original slot machine by Charles Fey. These of course have three reels with classic symbols, such as melons, cherries, sevens, bar symbols and cards. The 3-reel slots usually have a payline that is in the middle of the reels. Some of these slots also have three or five paylines (above the top, middle and bottom rolls and from bottom left to top right and from top left to bottom right, that is diagonal).

5-reel slot

5 reel slots are just like the 3 reel slots but have five reels (hence the name). These games may be harder to win than the 3-reel versions, but the potential winnings are much higher. The 5-reel slot machines usually also have wild cards (wild symbols) that help you to win winning combinations.

Video slots

These types of slot machines are very common in online casinos nowadays and they are among the most popular games. These games are available in a huge variety of themes and pictures. There is no limit in their diversity. Most video game machines have five reels, but there are also some with up to nine reels. The number of game lines varies, there can be up to 60 paylines, which means more chances to win. But you have to keep in mind that it also costs more money (or coins) to play all paylines. If a Video Slot has 30 paylines and the coin value is 50c, you would play with 15 per spin. We recommend playing with lower stakes so you can play longer.

Bonus slots

Bonus slot machines are video slots with a bonus game or feature. This is usually activated when you get three or more special symbols (usually bonus) on certain reels (varies from game to game). If you want to see how to trigger a bonus round, you can read that in the slot game's paytable. Most bonus rounds give you free spins or a click-me game. The free spins usually work out by themselves and then pay off your winnings at the end. In the Click Me games, you have to make a choice (for example, click on one of three boxes), which will then include a prize. We recommend you to play the Jurassic Park slot, as it has several bonus rounds.

Multi spin slots

The multi spin slot machines are usually played by more experienced players. These are usually 3-reel slot machines with more than one reel set. The best way to describe these games is to imagine 50 hands of Jacks or Better Video poker. You play 50 video poker rounds with 50 card decks at once.