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Cards Games Online

Playing cards most people think is fun and with the increased availability of the internet and our use of the mobile phone, it is easier to play wherever you are. This page will deal with online card games and especially poker and poker games.On most online casinos and other gaming sites you will find various card games that you can choose from. We will tell you a little about different games so you get a little insight into how they work and their history.

Baccarat and Punto Banco

Punto banco is a simplified version of Baccarat and is played with four to eight card games where you bet on who wins, the player, the bank or if it becomes the same. The hand that comes closest to nine wins. Historically, it is believed that the origin of the game is from the Middle Ages Europe and was then played with tarot cards, but the origin is disputed.


This game is similar to Baccarat and is available in slightly different variants. The game is about getting as close to 21 as possible and you have to have a better hand than the dealer and here too many cards are used. As with many other card games, the origin is disputed, but it is believed that it is several hundred years old and some references similar how the game is designed has been found in books from the beginning of the 17th century, written by Miguel se Cervants, a Spanish author and from the 18th century French writings have been found in which the game 21 is rewritten.


Poker games are available in many different variants and common to all of them is that they are betting games, where all participants must bet money or some substitute for money on which will have the best hand. Again, there are many stories about where the game has its origin. Many claim that it has roots in Asia and has evolved over time to what it is today.

Texas hold'em

Is probably the most popular variant of poker today and is played on virtually every casino in the world as well as on the internet. The goal of the game is to win the prize pool, which in turn was paid by the players.

3 card poker - 3 card poker

This game is played with three cards instead of five and can be played in two different ways, Ante and Play or Pair Plus. You can play both games together or individually. Ante and Play are played against the dealer and in Pair Plus the goal is to get as good a hand as possible. was so appealing that the casino owners thought it was an idea to take.