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€600 bonus
€30 + 20 spins
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€30 + 20 spins

Progressive Slots

The progressive slots are those in which the jackpots are going to accumulate in order to make the jackpot bigger and bigger. However, it is no less true that they have more than traditional slots.

What are progressive slots?

There are many different types of slots. In fact, it can be said that no two are alike. However, it is also true that the differences between them are minimal. Some have more symbols, others more colors, some give more prizes, others give less, etc ... And well, the subject. There are slots of all kinds of themes, from superheroes, to sports, to science fiction or fantasy movies.

Moreover, it can be said that there is no issue in the world that has not been transferred to the slots and that, if it exists, it will soon be turned into a slot machine; however, if we want to make a differentiation between slots, we can only divide them into Two big groups. The ‘normal’ slots and progressive slots.

Biggest prizes

In this article we will talk about progressive slots, those that accumulate the jackpot to be able to have bigger prizes.The progressive slots work in the same way as the other slots, that is, to get a prize you have to get the optimal symbols to be remain in a specific place. In addition, it must also be said that the more likely the combination, the smaller the amount obtained. This does not change. However, it does change the prize. This prize is not fixed, it gets bigger and bigger as users play. Why? Because a part of what they spent goes to the 'box' of the boat.

The difference is that not only does an individual slot booth accumulate in progressive slots, but all those that are connected to the same network. Normally these machines are usually of the same game and all of them accumulate the pot of money spent by the users in the different casinos. This makes all the boats really big since every second the amount is increasing. You just have to see how the luminous markers that accompany each progressive slot are growing.

They have no limits

To win the boat you have to get certain symbols to be placed in a certain way. No matter what you bet, if it happens that with your first bet, the jackpot will probably have been one of the luckiest uncles in history, since the difficulty of getting out is incredibly large and let's not say if it goes out the first.

What we mean is that you only need to be lucky, or rather, good luck. But if we have it, we can win a prize that can sometimes be branded as a millionaire. Not surprisingly, companies that create this type of software and their slot games do not put any limit on the boat in question. Moreover, they are interested in being as high as possible because it is a very important claim for more and more users to continue entering.