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30 + 20 spins

How to play Online Slots

Slot Machines are so easy to play. It is just a case of putting in the money, selecting a bet amount, and then hitting the "SPIN" button. That's all you have to do to get 200 bonus from casino.

Playing these games at online casino is not much different. There are some variables that you might like to be aware of before you start playing.

As with all gaming for money you need to have some money in the bank. First make your deposit, or get your tokens, from the cashier. You can then put some money into the machine. In an online netent casino once you have deposited through the casino cashier you will have a balance in your casino account. You can then visit the online slots games and play immediately.

Once you have money the first thing to do is decide what type of game do you want to play. Will it be a classic single payline slot game or will you play a bonus game video slot with 50 paylines and scatter symbols?

The basic concepts of all these games are the same. First you select a coin size. This can be anything from 1 cent right up to $5 in most online casinos. Once you have selected the coin size you can then choose how many coins you want to bet. Standard classic machines let you choose 1, 2 or 3 coins. Newer video slots will let you choose anything from 1 to 10 coins.

If this is a multi payline slot game you can then choose how many lines you want to play, and how many coins you want to bet on each line. The number of coins bet must be the same for each payline.

Once you have set the amount, number of coins and number of paylines you can then spin the reels. The rest is down to luck and the RNG (Random Number Generator). You need to get the correct symbols on the reels that correspond to a winning combination. This coule either be a straight cash win, or may take you into a bonus game.

The frequency of winning symbol combinations is totally random however there are parameters that are set within the software. Online casinos have to have an average payout ratio of around the 90% to 95% mark. Therefore you can be sure that you will have a winning combination of some form up to 95% of the time. The jackpot combination will also appear at random but on a lower frequency.

The amount you can win will mainly vary according to the coin size, number of coins and number of paylines. To be sure of hitting a jackpot you nee to place maximum bets on every spins, thats the largest coin size with the maximum number of coins bet on every available payline. This way any wins that you have will be the maximum possible.