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Craps Online

The game of craps, and its unique rules, has been evolving for a very long time. The version of craps that is currently played in casinos may seem rather complicated to the uninitiated, but simplified versions of the classic game can be found everywhere. All it takes to play craps are two dice, some people, and maybe some money. During World War II, American soldiers often played craps in their "spare time" and dice have been thrown in school yards and on street corners at all times. Just like the game Keno, like the game since ancient times, people have also been dice around the world for thousands of years, and games with six-sided cubes have been in various forms. Others claim that it is the French who are responsible for the dice's journey across the Atlantic. The same doubts prevail when the question arises as to who actually brought games like Roulette online and Black Jack online to the continent. In France, "hazard" had long been played, and some say the French changed the game's name to craps. In any case, dice games became popular in the New Orleans area after the arrival of the French.

The game's origins are a bit unclear. When trying to find the roots of leisure pursuits, such as music and games, one usually finds explanations such as: "nobody knows how (fill in the word) started". This type of human activity is constantly changing and has no clear beginning or end. Human activities intertwine and change over time. When cultures influence other cultures, activities and traditions are borrowed, some are abandoned and some are repurposed into new forms. Therefore, it is difficult to determine who did what first. All we can investigate is the change of a certain phenomenon over time. With this in mind - let's move on. No one knows how the game craps was actually invented.

Some sources point out that dice games originate from the ancient world. It is also widely known that our form of craps is based on a game called "hazard", which has been popular for a long time in the British Isles. When Europeans began to emerge in different parts of the world, they took their leisure activities with them and some therefore believe that it was the English who brought the dice games to North America.