Online Poker

Poker is a card game played by sharing the betting rules and hand rankings. This game has variable rules depending upon the various ways the game is played and how the cards are dealt. It also depends on whether the high or the lower hand wins, the number of bets allowed and the rounds of betting. Generally, the first round of the bet in Poker is a forced bet and a fixed standard amount is played as the bet. The first player need to match this forced bet and he may also choose to increase the bet. If he do not match the bet he may go for a Fold. Then every player playing poker need to either match the previous bet or Fold. The players who match the previous bet may choose to increase the bet and can increase the bet amount. One betting round finishes when each player have either matched the bet or have Fold the hand. Fold is process of discarding the hand and giveaway interest in the current pot (money pool). The betting rounds continues and at the end if all player leaving one player folds then the player who have not fold takes the complete pot money without showing the cards. If at the end there are more than one player unfolded or in contention even after the final round of betting, then the cards are shown and who so ever have the wining hand takes the pot.

The right to deal the cards keeps rotating clockwise among the player and a token/dealer button or a buck is marked for the person who currently deals the cards. A forced bet is set for which at least 2 or more players are required. The dealer then deals the cards, the person on the right of the dealer cuts and the cards are dealt one by one to all the players. After the cards are dealt the betting round begins and all the player bet either match the previous bet or fold. At the end of each round the bets are collected and put in a central pot (pool of bets). Bluffing is a major aspect of poker. During any bet round if there is no opponent that call for matching bet or folds, the pot is by default given to the betting person without showing the cards, this is where the players bluff and make money.

At the end of the last betting round, a call for showdown is made and all players show their hidden cards and the cards are being evaluated, after the evaluation based on the poker variant the wining hand gets the pot of bets. Online Poker is played in almost similar manner as the traditional brick and mortar poker game. The difference being since you aren’t sitting face to face with the opponent it is difficult to judge for bluffs by body language etc. but that can be considered in online gaming by bet patterns, time taken for bet etc. Also online poker is much cheaper than the traditional poker game as there are not many overhead expenses.

Poker is the one the most widely adapted card game. There are many variations of poker games played in the online casinos. Few of them which are widely played are Texas Hold’em, Omaha and the 7 Card Stud. In the poker variation of Texas hold’em the players are given 2 cards and 5 cards are on the table which player can choose to make their hand. It has 4 betting rounds and the player with the five winning cards gets the pot. If two player have similar cards then the pot is split between them. In Omaha variation of poker, the dealer deals 4 hole cards in hand and five community cards on the table. The player need to have 2 hole cards and 3 community cards in their hand before they show. The 7 card stud variation is a bit different from the other two variations. In this game player need to put a mandatory amount in the pot to make sure that the pot has the required amount.This game have no community card and the dealer deals 3 cards to each player initial 2 cards faced down and the third face up. This game has 5 betting rounds and the end of the last round the paler with the best hand wins the pot. In each round each player in dealt one card face up and the last round the card dealt is face down.

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